The Elite Flower

a touch of class by Hannaford

Founded in 1991 by industry pioneer Peter Hannaford, The Elite Flower has grown from a small rose farm in Colombia to nearly 1450 hectares spanning the world.

Despite this rapid growth and scale, 30 years later Elite still remains a privately owned family farm. In fact, the largest privately owned flower farm in Colombia.

As the company continues to grow, the family values instilled by Peter have only grown stronger.

In 2008 Floriculture International Magazine profiled Peter Hannaford where he was asked the question, “What are the essentials of flower exporting?” To which he replied, “Having good people work for you and making sure they are happy to work for you.”

Peter made sure that all employees, at all levels, were treated as family which continues to be a core value of Elite Flower.

There are several ways to execute a job

excellently, well, more or less, poorly. I only accept: EXCELLENTLY

Peter Hannaford